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Your cat and its Behavior

It is wonderful to have a cat as your pet. But it can be bit challenging too as cat communication is different from our mother tongue. So both pet and you have to rely on nonverbal communication. But it doesn't prove you can't talk with your cat. He'll recognize your tone like a little baby recognizes his mothers tone and laughs when shown a little love.

Cat may show you thousands of signs and clues about himself each day(That is cat communication). So it could be better as a cat owner to understand cat behavior, like why does a cat scratch or bite, why they mess up, avoid litter box and do thousand other things.( And how to reform cat behavior without punishments).

Also understanding why your cat gets stressed and what are the symptoms of a stressed cat will help you to make a better connection with your pet. Help him when he is in need(you can only do this if you can read cat behavior).

I know that everybody likes to have good relationship with their cat. Knowing how to win your cats trust will help you a lot with it. Especially if you like to have more than one cat in house, knowing how to introduce cats will also be useful.

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  1. Hi, I like the way that you have focused on the need to understand our cat. This means that we can adapt to our cat rather than forcing our cat (through cat training) to adapt to our lifestyle. It is easier to do the former....Michael (Pictures of Cats org)