Cat behavior

I know you love cats!

Hey, there is no telepathy
You are here just because you love cats. And most of all you are interested in cat behavior.

I love my two cats too…
But loving and understanding are two words for sure
Are you fluent in cat communication?
Well, I am
Oh, come on!!!
You don't have to be a cat to read cat behavior.

Still remember, one day, worrying about two of those loving friends who confused me all the time with their bad cat behavior.

I was helpless.

Why do they avoid the litter box?
Scratching the furniture and spraying all over the house,
How could I communicate with them?
I had no idea about cat communication or cat behavior.
Yes, I was used to talk to them in my mother tongue though I knew they cannot understand me. But that never worked.

Only way to communicate with them was my own behavior. But everything I did made the case severe. Everything I did to control them stressed two of them and case got worse. Finally, the result was more bad cat behavior.
Whose problem was this?

You will say, "Cats are not intelligent like humans, so we should forgive them and be patient"

Yes, I also thought like you though that didn't solve the problem.

That's when I realized I had ENOUGH of being stressed about this; I needed to get this problem handled once and for all. I had to do so I wouldn't EVER feel horrible like that again. I wanted to be able to know what to do in that situation so I could actually communicate with them and get their attention to me and then make them become two loving partners who are smart and cute. For this I had to learn cat communication patterns and cat behavior.

So I started reading yahoo answers (and asking questions) and someone mentioned that "Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed" was really the best place to start if I wanted to learn how to understand cat behavior. He also stated that there is a specific behavior which I can use to communicate with cats, my needs and values (or how to covertly change their cat behavior to a better one).

Visiting the website I understood that I was not alone. Every sentence, literally every word described my problem and it was common than I ever thought. So I bought the book right away.

What I found the most useful in this book was when she explained what creates stress in cats and how it drives them wild. (Stress is the root course of bad cat behavior).When she explains the concept in the book, she tells you how to apply it and tell you what specific steps you have to take in order to achieve real life results. This is why the book it unforgettable.

After several weeks from reading the book and starting to apply those techniques, my two cats started to change their bad cat behavior and their "Purr…Purr" started to grow. This signaled me that they are more happy and contented than ever.

"Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed" changed the way I see cats, encouraged me to make this page and is my most highly recommended book to people who've felt like me.

Thank You Liz Barton for writing "Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed"

A review by Dilani Mallikarachchi

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